Everyone in life is on a quest to find a meaning in their life, well I've accelerated on that path. From being voted as the top ten digital professionals to struggling to walk it's been a long journey of more than ten years of my battles with multiple scerlosis and Crohn's .

The complexities of life changed the human relationships too, some great friendships, some left scars to teach me, also some Angels are still carrying me. A big thank you to all of them.

The medical community and support groups fall short

The MS onslaught doesn't stop, each relapse adds new symptoms, Crohn's making the situation more unbearable. In this situation the medical community and support groups fall short. You cannot have steroids and immunosuppressant approach for patients. I've seen many cases compound with this aggressive line of treatment where the side effects are often more vicious than the treatment itself. It is thus imperative to question the doctors on the line of treatment they suggest, you need to listen to your body and your mind. I've been a part of many experiments which promise to benefit you but fail miserably. One such experiment being stented for my left jugular vein, which now is 100% blocked, only way to correct that is to undergo and open vein surgery which is risky and fatal. The situation is compounded by neurologists disbelieving many symptoms which don't follow the book. You're left juggling between neurologists and psychiatrists. Each changing medications at their own discretion. It is imperative to give importance to trust your judgment rather than that of doctors. I'm sure many patients like me have similar experiences with doctors. A doctor that doesn't acknowledge your problem needs to be changed. Many might call me a rebel, but I'm blunt and stand up for many like me.

Standing up against injustice

My work is my temple. I've worked for seven years after being diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders. I've attended meetings with IV line attached for further treatment, yet I was not paid for 15 months in my last employment. There are many corporate predators who take advantage of your vulnerabilities. I've taken up this fight to challenge them in court, not only for myself but many others like me. I'll always stand up for the right and against injustice.

There are many like me

During this long journey with these disorders, I've realized that many like me have not been heard, doctors apathy plunges you further down to new lows and depression. Being a Digital professional, I've created a group of people suffering from autoimmune disorders to support them, and most importantly listen to them. Information on new treatments, and individual experiences are discussed. This approach of compassion and understanding helps many like me deal with their struggles.

Every one of us is a hero

I've often been told to write on blogs and websites, some support groups have asked us to share experiences, but I often find my writings unpublished, they are always seeking a victory story. Stories of celebrities are decorated are success and victory stories. I often wonder who will tell our story, a journey of many like me who are not defeated in the quest for triumph over this ailment. It doesn't matter how many times we will fall, but we will keep getting up to combat this evil. This is a true victory story because it celebrates the effort notwithstanding the result.

Every one of us is a hero in their own right and none less victorious than the other.

A big salute to all my victories Autoimmune friends.

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