Aids in the home

Never ever thought, I would be needing them, but here it is.

Walk In Bath Tub, I love them. we installed one a couple years ago, of course that means the whole bathroom, just had to be remodeled too. took us 10 days with major cussing, (I am married to a farmer) our son is a contractor, so he tiled.

Lift chairs, I would not know what to do without mine. when I have a really bad day it helps me stand. bought mine at a garage sale. lady passed away before she got to use it. bless her heart.

My Keyboard, it has big letters and numbers, and since its black, the letters and numbers light up. my son got it for the old people he says. is way cool.

My walker which turns into a wheelchair, this is the best thing sinced sliced butter. I use a walker so if I get tired my husband pushes me. pretty spiffy.

That's all folks.

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