MS and Me

A little background. I only finished the 9th grade but got my GED when I was 17. I ended up going to college to become a nurse, which I did.

At 51 I was doing open heart surgery and flying out to pick up hearts for infant transplant. I fell a couple of times and was unable to get up for several minutes. My chiropractor sent me to a neurologist, they did MRI's and boom I've got MS.

It has progressed very quickly. Cane, walker, scooter and wheelchair in a matter of 2 years. My legs are completely useless and my left arm has no strength or tactile abilities. The doctors say "nothing more we can do for you at this time".

I even tried chemo, all I did was get bald and fat. I hate this. I miss my patients and I miss the ability to walk I was given a Golden Retriever service dog in Nov. Love him to pieces, but I can only walk him beside my wheelchair.

I hate MS. It has robbed me of my life. I am 57 now and all I want to do is walk. My husband is 73 and has not reacted well to my situation. I'm miserable and getting fatter because I can't move.

All I want is to walk again.

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