Allie tells it like it is

I have blurry vision - I can only drive 30 - 45 minutes at a time or the cars in front of me are out of focus or double.

I have what I call a 2 second memory. I cannot remember many things just seconds after I hear them.

If I do too much one day I need extra sleep the next. Staying out in the hot sun can cause me to nearly lose my vision.

I have bowel and bladder issues much to my chagrin. What a pain those two are. I seek out a restroom before I think I need it.

I walk wobbly when tired. My legs ache for no good reason.

Oh and that lovely tingly feeling that feels like bugs crawling on me. Thank goodness these don't all hit me at the same time.

Enough griping. I try to do lots of things I enjoy and treat myself gently. I let my husband know if I am having significant trouble. I am so grateful for his love and understanding.

Thanks all for reading.

Bless you.

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