Altered State

Multiple sclerosis an altered state of mind and being. Triggered by spinal disease and prolonged critically high body temperatures. As the medical community tries to come up with a fool proof method of determining if you have ms. They should consider that there isn't one. I have had positive and negative test results in ms determination. Tested on the fence for narcolepsy and myasthenia gravis. Since 1960 had grand mall seizures and other types of seizures. Still not diagnosed with epilepsy. Diagnosed with dysdiadochokinesia or the inability to make rapid movements repeatedly. A form of MS. Have had all the symptoms of MS for 56 yrs now along with a few extra symptoms. Is it MS or muscular dystrophy. Or neither. Could be Parkinson's Lou Gehrig's disease. The point is these diseases are related to one another by there cause be it genetics or childhood diseases like meningitis polio small pox measles etc or severe immune system infections in my case left untreated in infancy till I was doa at 2yrs old. The medical community has learned much about these diseases since 1960. Though treatment for MS is basically the same except for holistic remedies. Drugs prescribed to reduce symptoms. The damage in my case hasn't shown up on an MRI. Meaning only one thing to me. At 2 my brain and spinal cord weren't developed enough to discolor or scar my brain only the chemical make up of it was altered along with the chemical that signals the neurotransmitters in my brain. Weakened neurotransmitters caused by spinal infection of that severity must be linked directly to ms md polio and all autoimmune disorders that aren't hereditary for a very simple reason. Our chemical makeup at birth changes naturally over time. When severe infection enters into the bloodstream it attacks are immune system and damages the cells weakened they aren't able to repair themselves which i believe is the basis and beginning of non hereditary muscular dystrophy multiple sclerosis polio autism and all neurological diseases of the brain & spine.You are either born with the disease or you acquire it through a severely weakened immune system.

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