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After three or for years of falling, limping, managing unusual fatigue, while out of town, a chiropractor asked to try a laser on my spine to help with my gait. The next day I was walking with no problem. But, a few days later, I was called in to my new neurologist to explain my MRI results. After being diagnosed with Primary Progression MS, I began looking for ideas to go along with taking Baclofen. I couldn't find anything related to my experience with the laser. My symptoms increased and my walking ability lessened. Three years later I had to retire from teaching. I now have to use a cane, have fallen a number of times with head injuries, an arthritic leg and a useless right hand.

But now, eight years after that first euphoric feeling for three days upon getting the laser treatment, though, I now have a chiropractor who gives me treatments every 7 - 10 days. They work. After the first low level laser therapy, I was relieved of 90% of nerve pain in my legs. I was and still am taking Devil's Claw supplements along with Boswellia in pill form. But only 10% of that pain is around. Amazing! Little improvements kept occurring in the night. I normally sleep for ten hours, have tried the Wahl's Protocol, gone gluten free for five years and counting, drink Tart Cherry juice and foods that are anti-inflammatory, take Alpha-Lipoic Acid, High Dose Biotin, workout with stretches and my oscillator machine. At 61, I'm hesitant about Rituxan/Ocrevus or stem cell treatments. Now I am committed to laser treatments. My neurologist has been informed on my personal therapy. There are several articles and studies online that support my claim.

My last treatment brought renewed hope. The next morning I was able to walk without help of a cane or a wall. I could pick up my right leg enough to walk without dragging it, stand up straight and make it around my house. I called my chiropractor after letting my family know about my healing miracle. It may not last long but those cell are doing something right. I realize pharmaceutical companies can't make money on it but other people with PPMS are sharing similar experiences with laser treatments. It is certainly worth continued research.

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