….why do I ALWAYS feel the way I do ….

Ok, I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with RRMS, I was with the same neurologist the whole time until my last visit 3 months ago, I was basically “lost in the system” as my pcp called it.

Anyways today was my first appointment with the new neuro, as usual I was a little nervous (idk why but I get that way anytime I have a doctors appointment) but really just praying I found a Dr that is actually informative, caring, and actually listens to me and doesn’t rush me out of the room!…. This neurologist ACTUALLY listened and didn’t basically tell me I’m not “progressed enough” to be feeling chronic fatigue, chronic pain and weakness, etc. Etc. Etc…. He LISTENED and explained things to me and answered a few questions I’ve had for 2 years now! The only thing is…. He couldn’t answer my question about where my lesions on my brain were located as to if they have anything to do with the symptoms I experience just about every single day (he didn’t have my MRIs because “someone” was supposed to fax them but didn’t, maybe that’s why?) BUT he said the SAME thing the old neuro said, “you can’t specifically tell if the location of the lesion is causing symptoms”…. I don’t know or talk to many people who do have ms but the few I have, have said there neurologist said “so and so you are having a lot of left sided weakness due to the location of this or that lesion”…. Anyways, that has been a question I’ve had for forever and I’m dying for an answer, I just need to know because there are SO MANY unanswered questions already about this MonSter…. So I want to know everything that can be answered, as scary as answers can be sometimes there is something comforting about being able to KNOW WHY…

Has ANYONE else experienced this or something similar?….

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