Why do I always get the question

Whenever I go to a new doctor, I have switch doctors a couple times, mainly due to moving and one Dr. I just didn't like his attitude about medication he had me on. The question I always get from the Dr. is how did you know to look for MS. I always have to tell them I can go in looking for MS I thought I had concussion. Okay to talk about the concussion for a little bit I thought I had which I action might have had. Me and my son had went to Six Flags amusement park one summer excited vacation time to ease up we were writing one of the water rides and hit my head on the ride. When I got home and had double vision and headache I went to everybody's favorite source of medical information and went to web M.D. and discounted the cancer aneurysm results for my symptoms I put in and said I concussion. Symptoms went away in a few days, but came back a month later and the headache window a number how much aspirin Motrin I took it would just move around. So I got a doctors appointment went and told the Dr. what was going on and he was like concussions don't go away and come back you might have had originally but were going to do and MRI see what you have.

So needless to say I went had the MRI will never miss Tuesday or Wednesday but that Friday he called me back asked to estimate the consult for neurology. He then told me I just want to let you know your not going die over the weekend is not aneurysm is not a brain tumor but looking at the MRI you may have MS. So I went for neurology they did all their tests. I thought there tell me the lumbar puncture had to be done to try and scare me out of get the diagnosis. I contacted a friend of mine having living with MS for a while and asked her and she said yes that is why the Tessa they have to do.

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