Am I Retired?

Last updated: August 2018

To all of my fellow MSers, those who are newly diagnosed and those like me that have been living with MS for quite some time...

I now understand that I have freedom even though I have MS.

You know, in hindsight, I recently realized that I really was pushed into an early "retirement" I'll call it. MS and my symptoms of the disease resulted the inability for me to work my secular job in 2006. As this major life change happened, I didn't think of it as retirement though. I thought of it as a loss of the capability to live my life the way that I believed it would be lived for the rest of my working days. But now I've realized that I can choose to view this circumstance now, as my time. I'm 60 now and maybe that has something to do with how I'm feeling.

This belief that I was being deprived of living my life in the traditional and expected way and at the expected age, really did not serve me well. With time, and the journey through my MS experience. I have come to realize that I am only as confined, or as free, as my mind allows me to be. It is my hope that many of you have already been living your life with this mindset, but it has taken me awhile to come around to understanding that time will tick on whether I choose limiting beliefs or choose to allow myself the freedom to explore things beyond the expected. All with the intention to find how I can learn to live my best life with MS. I'm so looking forward to it!

May we all allow ourselves permission to explore our possibilities, my friends.

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