Fatigue Medication

I was diagnosed December 18th, 2010, with RRMS and Secondary Progressive MS. As with many people with MS I have suffered with fatigue from the beginning.

Treatments to manage MS fatigue

I tried Nuvigil, Provigil and Ritalin, but they didn't help so I decided to try to manage the fatigue on my own until June 2018. At that time I started to have problems with my vision. After numerous eye appointments, suggested treatments and eye drops I was diagnosed [my optic nerve showed no inflammation] and ended up having a total cornea transplant in my Lt. eye.

Amantadine and cornea problems

Not being happy with the doctor I changed doctors and went to the Kellogg Eye Center in Ann Arbor, MI. It was there that the doctor asked me if I was taking Amantadine [for MS fatigue] and I said yes. He had written a paper on Amantadine and found it can cause cornea problems. By this time much damage had been done to both eyes. I started the Amantadine in June and shortly after my vision problems started. A partial cornea transplant was performed on my Rt. eye in Ann Arbor and I continue to recover.

Do your research

My point telling you my story is --- please! do a lot of research before starting a new medicine. Ask your doctor about side effects even though most of the time doctors are not aware. Do research online. Do more than reading the possible side effects. I hope my story has and will help others avoid serious complications with medicines. Maybe pass on to your doctor what my eye doctor found about Amantadine. Thanks

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