Hey All  Sorry ( I wasn't sure where to post this) I am new to this and was wondering if any of y`all feel better when you take a daily dose of 750mgs or more of Amoxicillin??

I was diag. w/ MS in 1997 and was doing ok until 2005 when I guess I got bit by a tick and was not caught until Dec 2007 and started oral treatment of antibiotics for a few months.I had Lymes in my Central Nervous system, and in my blood. Anyways
Since I moved to PA two years ago the doctors keep wanting to fight with me saying its the MS and not the past lymes, but none of the MS meds work on me except Prednisone (which has made me a totally different person cause of the side effects.) Anyways to make a long story short have any of you been on a daily antibiotic that makes your MS feel better. If I dont take my Amoxicillin after a few days I am bed ridden but when I take it daily I act. have some sort of life and I am not stuck in bed daily. I had one lesion on my optical nerve then after the Lymes I have about 3 more on the brain and two on the Cervical.

Please help if ya can so I can let these doctors and insurance companies know what we go thru either way.


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