Happy 20th Anniversary MS?

I was diagnosed when I was 11 I think. Practically born with this disease, I gave myself license to say I’ve had it since I was 12. When I was first diagnosed, I had numbness in my right side, but my mother did not believe me. It’s a long story, but it has something to do with a penny nail, an attempted MRI, etc.

Many many many tests

Like most of you, I had many many many tests. It’s amazing how it can be anything from Lyme disease to multiple sclerosis, but I get it. They (the doctors) have to rule everything out.

I remember I went to bed and I had a hard time. My right side was very numb, and like I said my mother did not believe me. She thought I was faking it. I crawled up in the bed and the next day I saw a family friend who happened to be a doctor. He thought I had a brain hemorrhage and recommended I go to the hospital right away.

Diagnosed with MS

When I go to the hospital, the nurses and doctors are all very nice. But, when I tried to take an MRI scan they were surprised to find that I had swallowed a penny nail. Who knew! This added to my list of tests I had to take of course: add an x-ray, and a cat scan, and my MRI, and my blood tests, and my spinal tap, and all the other tests that we had to take. A little while later I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis while still in the hospital.

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