Finally an Answer

Brain lesions and a spinal tap with high myelin protein confirmed it. After three years of symptoms and numerous doctors, I was finally given the answer for everything I'd been experiencing. MS.

Weakness, numbness, and other symptoms

I'd been having and continue to experience right side weakness and numbness, coordination issues, falling, vision problems, extreme fatigue, sensitivity to heat, random pain across different parts of my body, spasms. Lately my left side is becoming weaker, I get upset and agitated very easily and I'm very sensitive.

MS is affecting the activities I enjoy

My interest in sex is decreasing. MS is affecting my ability to do things I like more and more. Hiking, gymnastics, playing my instrument, doing activities with my kids are almost if not near impossible some days, I also have depression, anxiety and another disorder that you can add to the mix. It's hard to have a disease that no one can actually actively "see" all the time.

Beyond exhausted

There are days where it is hard to do anything. It's like doing chores is like swimming in jello. Or driving to the store (even the thought of it) is beyond exhausting. Often times when I drive or go places, I have to pull over in a parking lot and rest. Yes! Just from driving. There are times at the gym where I hold on for dear life to the sides of the treadmill. I do work part-time and there are days where I honestly don't know how the hell I made it through. When I come home, my kids want to play and sometimes I'm so exhausted or weak or hurting that I just can't. I just had another MRI done and will have the results soon. I know what to expect. The doctor said that after we see the MRI, that we can decide what kind of treatment to start.

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