Healing Journey

I’m a little person in a big pond wanting to be heard and change the health of people with multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders. My first leap – self-publishing my book, The FLog Journal – was a big step towards telling my story of healing and stopping MS in its debilitating tracks.

How MS affects me

MS affects the left side of my body. I cannot walk far, drive far, and I have a tremor in my left arm. Those issues are slow to heal but that will not stop me from riding horses for therapy and doing my job as a tough massage therapist working on a person with average aches and pains to the 6’5ft 250-pound wrestler.

An anti-inflammtory diet changed everything for me

Food changed everything for this terrible disease. A non-inflammatory diet changed my health. I no longer have psoriasis, difficulty thinking, or trouble with other associated MS symptoms. I am ready to shout this out and tell people that based on my book you can do the same! My book is a food log – “FLog” – which is a tool to hold people accountable for their food choices. It’s not a diet but a lifestyle! Please consider my story as important for other sources to hear across the state, country, and world: TheFLogjournal.com

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