Any Help Please

Hi, I haven't been diagnosed, but I think I may have MS :(

Weird symptoms

My symptoms started around 9 months ago with some weird, cold, numb feelings in my right hand. I had been experiencing shoulder pain on the same side for some months and thought that it may be that. However, the numbness gradually increased to my forearm, too, which led me to visit my GP. In the same week my other arm started to feel numb too, and I had some weird pins and needles in both the soles of my feet!

I had concerns of MS

My GP showed some concern and referred me to a neurologist. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see one until November due to NHS waiting lists! By then I had neuralgia/numb face and cold rushing feeling in my lower legs and a feeling in my arms that I had laid on them and the blood was rushing back. I also had exhaustion to another level and frequent periods of blurred vision.

The neurologist did some basic neuro tests - scratching of feet, blowing out cheeks, etc, looked in my eyes and asked what I was worried it could be? I said I had concerns of MS and he said, "Oh I don't think it's that - let's get a scan of your brain done and I will be in touch."

Struggling with everyday tasks

I had a scan done on the 2nd of Jan. this year and have just had a normal result through the post (11th of FEB!!). I am seeing him again 1st of March. I am now struggling with everyday tasks including my part-time job! I still have all the original symptoms and have now had them for 5 months. I also have had vibrations in my feet and vagina that come and go, and pins and needles on my torso and breasts - a feeling like I'm sitting in cold wet pee (thankfully I am not).

Fierce pins and needles up the back of my head, a feeling of unbalance when walking, and I have now even started to dread getting up in the mornings for fear of making it through the day.

Feeling desperate and need answers

Does a normal scan mean I should dismiss MS? I have also had loads of blood tests to rule out any other stuff like lupus, B12, def, etc.

What should I be requesting at my next appointment? I am feeling desperate and need answers.

Any advice gratefully received!

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