Anyone have stomach spasms and tongue/speech issues?

I was diagnosed in 2003, three months after my father's. He drowned. They say that was catastrophic event. I've had some serious exasperations early on but have pretty lucky last five years or so. Faith gets you through that. I really believe that. Now I'm 48 and starting to be weaker, tire sooner, and different areas of my body act up. Ok, so has anyone been told MS is nervous system ONLY??

I have other things like optic neuritis, interstitial cystitis, eosinophilic custitis, tralganeuritis, and colon issues. Not all at the same time. But, every doc I see for these items say they are directly related to my MS, especially stress.

I was admitted yesterday with could have gone either way of stroke or flare. Crazy how the symptoms mimic each other. MRI ruled out stroke. Two new symptoms they seem clueless is speech issue, like I sound like I has a stroke, and abdomen spasms of which they say isn't related, or could be, but its rare. Being treated 3 day IV steroids and then p/t. Anyone?

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