Autism and MS

I started not feeling physically well about 20 years ago. It was put down to a diagnosis of ME. I never fully agreed with it and advocated for an MRI scan to rule out MS to no avail. Fast forward 14 years, it was a particularly hot summer and my symptoms took a major dip and I was bed-bound for weeks. Luckily a newly qualified enthusiastic GP saw me as my usual GP was off sick.

My hunch was confirmed

She suggested getting me an MRI to rule out MS, which confirmed I did have MS. I am now diagnosed with both illnesses but I don’t think I have ME. I think it was arguably MS all along. Anyway before feeling sick in the first place, I had undiagnosed high functioning Autism and CPSD from 2 abusive relationships that lasted over decades. I am now considering how my background may have contributed to my MS diagnosis as living with now diagnosed Autism is hard enough but navigating 2 tough relationships with undiagnosed Autism brings a chronic amount of stress upon my immune system over the years.

Sometimes we all need a little compassion

I now feel that all these contributing mental health battles have been a perfect storm. I am now managing my stress in much more productive ways although stress is still alive daily especially as a recent medic noted that having Autism and dealing with an unpredictable illness like MS must be like a full circle of stress. I think about that now every time I have a bad day. This one understanding comment has been a pivotal point in being able to treat myself with self-compassion and kindness. Thank you for taking the time to read any thoughts will be genuinely appreciated.

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