My story...

I am Denise and I was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago at the age of 47.

It started with a blurry spot in my right eye. After going to the ophthalmologist and him not finding the floater that he was certain I had, I had the option of finding out why my eye was blurry but that it could be something like a tumor and that some folks don't want to know. So I had the MRI of my brain and got a call that very afternoon. It was a Friday and the eye doctor didn't want me to wait all weekend. He told me that I have lesions on my brain that indicate I have MS.

I felt my heart drop into my stomach. He called the Neurologist who I saw the very next Tuesday and my hubby and I saw the MRI. The blurry eye hung around for about 3 mths. I don't think I had any other symptoms until this April and then I started having some short term memory issues, weakness in my left leg, balance issues and burning on my right thigh. I had another MRI and the doc saw that the MS is progressing. The doc gave me the option of doing nothing or starting Disease Modifying Treatment (DMT).

At the beginning of May, I started Extavia, the generic of BetaSeron. So every other night hubby gives me the shot which makes him feel that he is doing good for me :). I still have some short term memory issues and some vertigo on-and-off.

Here's the clincher: I was diagnosed with Lupus about 13 years ago. I can't understand how one immune system can attack two different parts of my body? The Neuro says that autoimmune diseases cluster; have one and most likely you'll have another.

I get tired in the afternoons and hot weather really wears me out so I am thankful for the A/C in my home!

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