March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

I am aware I have MS, thank you very much.

I am aware that it is life-changing, aware that it will never leave me. I am aware that it will constantly remind me that itss power is unrivaled. I am aware that in time it will shape my body and mind to its desires. For I have no powers to stop it.

I am aware that I will cry, I will scream. I will want to hide.

I am aware that I am still the same person I was twenty years ago. I am aware that my heart is still alive, my spirit constantly refreshed with hope and love. I am aware that I will always be a dreamer, a child of curiosity.

I am aware that I do not have to be afraid.

I am aware that I will always help others that also suffer from this disease. For we may stumble, crawl or drag ourselves, we will always keep moving. Together.

I am aware it has no control over me.

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