Back in the day....

I gave birth to my son in 1983 when I was 23 years old. I had violent headaches for a few days after his birth, the doctor prescribed Tylenol with codeine and they eventually went away. In 1985 I gave birth to my daughter when I was 25. A week or two after she was born I developed optic neuritis. I thought it was from the difficult time I had delivering her. (she eventually had to be pulled out of me with forceps. The ophthalmologist recommended that I see a neurologist and that's when the fun began!

After an MRI of my spine and brain I was diagnosed with "early MS". I had never heard of this disease. There were no drugs available to treat MS back in 1986 so when I'd have an exacerbation it would be treated with Prednisone. I averaged two attacks a year and each time it would take a little bit of me away. I lost the control of my bladder, and my bowels. My main problems are below the waist. Problems walking and standing for any length of time.

In 1993 the fist drug was developed to treat MS called Betaseron. I started that drug 21 years ago and as of this date I walk with a walker, I drive my own car, I cook, clean, and shower myself. I consider this drug to be working for me and will not even entertain the other drugs that they have since developed, unless of course it was a drug that could reverse the damage that has already been done. I also take Ampyra every 12 hrs to help with walking. I will be 55 in March.

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