Back Pain

My name is Thelma Ashley:

My back pain started back in 11/1996. I was walking home from work and my ankle was swollen but it started hurting really bad it was stabbing pain which I fell several time that night on the way home.

So I went to Parkland Hospital it took them 6 different visit to the Emergency Room for them to figure out that I had a hairline fracture. I felt that they wasn't listening to me. Anyway I went through Physical Therapy to get my left foot to become stronger so that I will be able to walk on it.

While I was recovering for 8 weeks I put to much strain on the lower part of my back and for years I had a lot of pain on the left side. But I had a small tia during that time period so that really mess me up on my left side.

So for years the doctors that I saw I had a lot of symptoms like numbness, tingling, and stabbing pain.

Then in April 29, 2010 that is when I was diagnose with MS and I have had 3 surgery on the lower part of my back. So hopefully this time the 4th time will I be able to walk like 1 mile a day like I did before.

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