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Beauty is skin deep, MS is to the Bone!

This a cry for help not a story , I have lost the ability to tolerate the comment, but you look so good , when someone asks how are you , and I tell the truth! I have a lot of disabled friends (not all with MS ) who feel the same way!! When I would like to look like road kill if only not suffer as I (we) do! I avoid social situations if at all possible , unless they are disabled! I lie if I have to be with the so call normals !

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So my cry out is to, politely tell people that it's an insult not a complement to me , my looks mean nothing to me my chronic pain, fatigue , and loss of memory is all that is relevant to me ! Not awesome I showered, shaved and combed my hair !

It condescending with no understanding of what I go through, and by the way these people I speak of are not strangers , they are the people, I have wasted too much time explaining in minute detail the disease of MS & how it affects me personally and the worst is some are my health care workers ! At wits end someone please help !!!!!

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