Always Believe in Yourself

Always believe in yourself.

I am not afraid.

I cannot let my fears take me, it will try, it’s grip is immense. But I will wake up every morning with hope that my feet will touch ground. I have faith that the light will always reach me, it will surround me and warm my bones, encouraging me to take my first step.

Not afraid to fall

I may stumble to my wheelchair, but I am not afraid to fall. I know in my heart, that I will always try to pick myself up. I will dust myself off, try to stand and face the fear that tries to swallow you whole.

I may have trouble talking, but I am not afraid. If I must, I will write, if I must, I will sign, but I have no fears. My thoughts, my voice, will always be heard.

It will never take my spirit

Am I afraid of the future, of what may lurk around the corner? Am I afraid of what will happen to my body, will it break? Will it perish? No, I am not afraid. For in the end, it will never take my spirit.

MS has no limits

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that has no limits, it’s ability to manipulate and twist your being is like nothing you can possibly predict. It’s important, it’s vital to never let go, to hold the candle high in that ever darkened room.

I always tell my friends to keep smiling, to laugh even when some may cry. Your spirit will always stay strong, even when the candle flickers.

Always believe in yourself.

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