Benign MS?

Hi. I was diagnosed last October following 4 years of being diagnosed with several other autoimmune diseases and Fibromyalgia. I went from working as a full-time psychotherapist with a very busy practice in a swanky high rise to working 3 afternoons a week from an office my husband and I created in our home.

My rheumatologist was the first one to sound the alarm about MS when I went in and mentioned that being in out hot tub was suddenly causing me to feel very weak and tired. That taking a hot shower was making me feel the same way and that my right eye would start to hurt really badly if I stayed in too long.

I had fortunately had a good relationship with a local neurologist because of migraine headaches which had started 4 years ago (my first symptom). A follow-up MRI later and the diagnosis was made.
I went to Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion and they confirmed. I went to an MS specialist in my city and he said he didn't believe it.

Long story short, my original neurologist is now saying it's Benign MS and wants to do follow-up MRI's on me every 6 months for the next several years. They have decided not to start treatment because it would complicate my other autoimmune diseases.

I guess I feel as if I no longer know what to believe. I've been "in remission" since February and feel pretty darned good. Other than trying to get my sleep straightened out and the myriad of eye problems I seem to be having, I'm doing well.

Does anyone else have any knowledge or experience with Benign MS? I feel pretty lost...

Nice to meet all of you and I appreciate the opportunity to reach out.

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