Betty's MS Story

I have had double vision since coming down with MS in 1962, and my vision has very much, become blurry.

Also, I would like to mention how important daily walking and exercise is, and helps a great deal.

The worse thing is the incontinence I experience. Especially in the last 2 or 2 and a half years, both Urinary, and fecal, but I am assuming this could be because of my age.(76), and I am having a lot of breaking out all over, like little pimple holes that hurt very badly and take a long time to heal, like weeks or longer. And sometimes my skin just hurts, and this is more frequent.

I have swelling in the lower limbs, and it is steadily getting worse. I would really like to talk with a counselor or someone, if possible. Depression seems to be getting worse, most days, and I cry a few times a day. I need some tips on how to deal with all of it.

Thank you. BettyJ

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