Beyond Stressed

For the past 20 years, I have lived with severe intolerance to heat, excessive sweating. Also, pains in back, hips, feet, legs, and muscle weakness occasional. A feeling of electricity down my spine on occasion. Within the last year I have had my bladder reconnect with my umbilical cord, inguinal hernia surgery and infection. I am having problems thinking straight. And, remembering many things, example people I used to know. If I work out I feel better somewhat but if it's really warm or humid weather I feel like I literally am dying. I also have involuntary movements, my muscles from lower back down are usually constantly flexed.

I also have been MI's diagnosed with degenerative disc disorder. Because it doesn't always hurt bad. I have had so much testing I probably glow. Still nothing. I've been told its in my head, quit faking etc. Help.

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