Blocked Urethra Tube

About six years ago I had a problem emptying my bladder. So I went to my doctor and she inserted a catheter and took out 1.1 litres of fluid. It was a relief for me and an indwelling catheter was diagnosed.

Problems with the catheter

The problem I had was it was very hard for me to manage as I had to get it changed regularly and it took my dignity away. After about six months of this, they tried a self-fitting of the catheter but that didn't work and felt bad. And from that, I got a UTI and that was extremely painful, so it was decided to have an SPC fitted.

Blocked urethra tube

This was about when I needed a wheelchair and after a visit to the hospital and a hole dried in my bladder, I got a TAP controlled catheter. This was a Godsend for me, and it sorted out my bladder and bowel problems. But I still have a blocked urethra tube and it has not gone away, and I don't know of anything to fix it or is there anything that can be done other than what has happened?

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