My Body Has Become a Full Fledged Traitor!

My body has always been on my side. In my youth I was a track star at my high school, excelling in short track running and high jump. As I grew I moved on to working two jobs up until I was 27 years old. I would split two cords of wood each winter since wood heat was my only source. I use to go to the gym each day that I didn't have my children. I would even change my own tires on my truck. My body didn't hurt other than regular muscle strain experienced after using muscles that you may not have used in a long time.

However, my body quietly begins to betray my trust. When I would bend down it started to get harder and harder to get up. I was noticing how tired I was feeling mid afternoon. When I tried to make a public presentation for work I would not only forget the material but also my words.

It is now evident that my body has become a full fledged traitor. But my body still attempts to give me false hope that it is still on my side. For a week I was walking for an hour at lunch. I felt really great and was happy with the firming some of the muscles that I have let go. I had hope that my body had once again started to shift my way. But, just like a cruel April Fools joke, my body shut me down. It took away my legs and sent me into a full fledge exacerbation. When I stood up, I wasn't sure my legs would hold me. The pain in my hips and legs was excruciating. My body had once again let me down.

Every day my body controls what it will allow me to do and what it won't Something so simple as walking around the block will wind me, kneeling on the floor with my children will cause me pain three hours later. I am devastated with all that my body continues to steel from me. Once my very best friend, my body is now my enemy.

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