Learning to Change My Story as I’m Speaking

I am a tour guide of the Innovation Center where I work. Every now and then I find that brain 🧠 fog will creep up unexpectedly and I am at a loss for words🤔.

My trick to escape the blank space

My escape from the blank space that I find myself in, is that I search a way to alter and change up the subject at hand.

I quickly pull a subject from thin air, similar to what I was engaging on, and proceed with tying it back to the subject at hand prior to my brain freeze! Tricky, but it works.

Did I explain that correctly?

Practice makes perfect 👌!

MS is a mind game

MS is a mind game. Play the game and don’t let MS make a sore loser of yourself.

Remember too, we are what we eat. The best advice my neurologist gave me 20 years ago, thank you 🙏


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