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It started again on a Friday while I was at work. It was nothing I hadn't experienced before. I must have been sitting wrong because my right leg was going to sleep plus my right arm was losing its ability to function. Had to be a back problem.

Urgent care

It continued through the weekend prompting me to go to an urgent care facility. The doctor I saw at the urgent care kept putting me through different tests then asked if he could talk to my wife. While I wondered why he wanted to see my wife, I did as instructed.

She was told I had a brain tumor

When my wife went to see the doctor he sat her down and I took the seat next to her. He then told her, why he didn't tell me right, that I had a brain tumor and needed to get an MRI right away. That was an important test as the doctor had no proof of a tumor save circumstantial evidence. Aside, the doctor took my history but not my wife's so he scared the color out of me and, more importantly, her.

An MRI revealed it wasn't a brain tumor - it was MS

When my wits finally returned to me, I looked at my wife and laughed and kept doing so until she did too. We went to a local hospital where I had my first MRI. We sat in the ER until someone I had never been introduced to hurried by saying the MRI results made it look MS. I immediately high fived my wife because there was evidence that it was not a brain tumor.

Since then I've gone through four neurologists and four DMDs. MS has taken my career, my ability to drive and my ability to walk but not my "want to" just some of my "can do".

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