Breaking up with my MS

Dear Master Scumbag,

ms_stories0926I have had it with you, and I have finally gotten out of your abusive shadow enough to break up with you. I am moving on.

I have endured your twisted sense of humor over the years and cried too many tears as you stole my physical abilities, time, and money.

I am taking my confidence, sense of humor, faith and joy back from you, as they were never yours to begin with, and I can't believe how much I let you have them.

I am also taking with me the things we created together; my amazing children who are accepting, kind and compassionate because of you and my knowledge that love is limitless.

I will wear my scars from you with honor as reminders of my courage, not of your power.

I am warning you now that if you come for my children, sisters, or anyone else that I love, we will come after you with the full force of everything I have learned about fighting you.

You will regret it.

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