Down With Busy?

I don't like being too busy. This is something I never thought about. Busy or not, I would get through the day just fine, even when I had been diagnosed with MS and working full time. While never high energy, I was doing quite well until everything fell apart.

I haven't been busy in years. It's hard having a packed, engaged schedule when you're in a nursing home or in the hospital. It doesn't happen. Then if you're lucky and so fortunate, you get to go home. Then you're released and what do you do exactly? I might be physically freed but sometimes, still living in that sick, confined place, in my mind.

Introducing some level of business back into my life is starting to look necessary. And not just going to the doctor and then out of eat once a month. Busy everyday, somehow. Even if I don't leave the house because of the weather, a headache, or seizure. Busy writing, drawing, writing, reading. Busy trying to figure out what busy is, what it means to me now.

I'll let you know when I figure that out and I'm not too busy.

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