But you look so good...

I was diagnosed after my second child at the age of 33.

I believe I am very lucky as some people wait for years to get the "official" diagnosis - mine was right out of the gate. Most of my symptoms are invisible to everyone else but me. Many times when the topic of my MS came up, I would always hear, "but you look so good..."

I grew weary of hearing that phrase. Fatigue, bladder and bowel issues accompany me everywhere and while I feel lucky not to have a cane or walker, there are days where I would trade. Having bowel and bladder issues is something no one wants to talk about or even hear about, so it is easy to avoid them, but they can be just as debilitating none the less.

After almost 20 years of living with MS, I've recently made a change in my diet and found that the fatigue isn't so bad anymore.

I dropped refined sugars and keep the carbohydrates to the bare minimum.

The future doesn't seem so scary now that I feel like I have the upper hand on my MS. Now I really feel "so good".

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