MS and Its Challenges!

MS is a disease which is very rarely understood, as I am sure many other debilitating or terminal conditions are.

Especially in India.

Coping with MS and its hardships

Coping with the disease and the hardships it causes is not just what happens... Dealing with insensitive, uncaring, thoughtless people and society is one thing, and to be treated badly is another day to day occurrence.

It is very vital that there should be a society or an organisation or a home that be available where afflicted people get a home to breathe in and survive.

I don’t earn nor do I have the financial means to run one but I can surely be a member who can offer emotional and mental support.

Stand up for yourself

I think I understand this better as I too encounter many similar situations.

Either you keel under pressure and give in to ill-treatment, be taken for granted OR you can stand up for yourself.

Be strong

Believe me, if you’re a doer and have managed things strongly ALONE, there is a danger of being treated badly.

So to all my unwell patients, especially women, it's not about being strong for others but be strong for yourself.

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