MS has changed my life forever....

I was a teacher of handicapped students since 1992 when I graduated from college. I had two young children and a wonderful husband who supported me through my mother passing away right during the time I was putting myself through college.

Long story shorter...I taught special needs students of all ages and handicapping conditions. I was on my 30 wedding anniversary trip in late June of 2010. I felt myself changing feeling weak on our way home from Charlotte, NC to NJ. We got home fine and then my life changed forever.

My husband and I were driving to get my blood work done it was early, I went in and noticed I could not sign my name. Then my left side started to go very weak and then I was having trouble speaking. My husband took me to our doctors office that was close by and she immediately called the ambulance, she thought I was having a stroke. They started IV's blood work cat scans...then I heard the words I could not believe "We think you have multiple sclerosis" I ripped the IV out of my arm and left scared to death. (I know I know not a smart decision.)

After it that poor decision it took a whole year of doctors giving me diagnosis after diagnosis. You might have brain cancer, lymph node cancer, we don't know we will have to watch you. Finally a doctor who said right away you have MS and started me on Copaxone.

A year later I had to go on disability because I could not perform my duties as a teacher any longer. That was one of the saddest days of my life. Teaching was gone..I would be home not knowing what to with myself.

In 2015 another horrible relapse, this one attacked by right side this time. I had no speech, could not walk, could not feed myself. The IV steroids started working quickly and I could speak. The other symptoms took much longer through therapy. Since then my husband has retired. We don't know what is next for me/us right now just trying to get through the holidays. My medication now is Aubagio the new neurologist wanted to change my meds. I almost listened but then told myself I did not want to deal with the side effects. So no Tecfidera right now... Happy Holidays everyone!

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