I got a chair lift last year-I did not think I needed one-have I said before that I am stubborn?- (thank goodness my husband & mother saw my struggles) until I got it! I use a walker on both levels of the condo-my right leg & arm don't move so well.

We remodeled our master bathroom last year-WONDERFUL- to make things easier for me-hand rails, raised toilet, large shower with dual shower heads, bench seat, widened door frames & roll under accessible vanity (we are blessed with a large bathroom). The only thing I thought of later was a hair washing basin on my vanity instead (like at the hairdressers).

I just ordered 2 new walkers-1 for at home & 1 for at work (I have been using 2nd hand ones & they are wearing out). I did a lot of research before I ordered. I went with the
U-Step walker for at home-I got a RX from my neurologist & worked with my insurance on where to get it-it stays locked until you move it where all the rest are the opposite. I went with one with a basket in front for at work to carry 'stuff'. They both have seats on them for when I get tired.

Our next thing will be a new bed-more research I guess. I would like a dual action (king bed) that I can raise the head of my side to help me get out of bed without falling out (I have done that, but that story is for another time). I do not want something that will retain my heat-I have reached that fun time of life "HOT FLASHES". I discovered at a hotel that I cannot have the going trend of 'high' beds, I need a normal height that I can sit on.

I love cooking but have discovered that I no longer have much stamina so I need a lot of has been hard to direct/communicate to my husband & mother how I like things done (or bite my tongue when it's not). I still make the weekly menu & shopping list-I am adding more & more frozen meals for someone else to make or throw in the oven when I have a bout of fatigue (eating take-out is getting expensive & boring), but mom is on a low-sodium diet so pre-packaged meals are not good!?

There is a lot to think about when we no longer can do what we used to take for granted..but with help from people that have experienced this before us & research we can get through this without too much falling down or fumbling around.

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