How MS is Changing My Life

About 6 years ago I was living in Florida with a great job and decided to move to Pennsylvania trying to get away from all the racists. Got a great job in Pennsylvania and I thought, "Finally I'm going to make my family happy," but life had a different plan.

My new happy life was over

Almost 3 years ago I got up to go to work, and I felt like if I was drunk, hit the wall going to the bathroom, but I thought my sugar was high because I'm diabetic. I went to work, called the doctor, and made an appointment to see him after work. I finished at work, went to the doctor. Just as soon as he saw me, he sent me to the emergency room because I was having a stroke. I was checked and they discovered I had MS. My new happy life was over. 6 months after my boss found out, I was demoted and everything has been going down from there.

Chronic pain and depression

No I can hardly walk, I'm in pain all the time, depressed but have to go to work and see my boss every day after he humiliated me in front of everyone. Wanting to end my miserable life, but I have to smile like nothing happened because I need my job. I have 2 girls and a wife depending on me, plus my musher father-in-law in my basement.

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