Face Pain Right Side - Not Sinuses

I have had MS since 2006, however, just diagnosed in 2018. Mobility, vision impaired, chronic pain in face which resemble sinuses. So for the month of May until now which is June 18, the pain has had me to urgent care/ER twice a week in tears. The pain has been so horrible cannot even compare to childbirth. I have had my blood pressure shoot from 287 over 115 as if I am about to have a stroke.

Prednisone and migraine medication have been my only comfort

Finally, was given Prednisone and medication for migraines, which has been the only comfort. Nevertheless, each time I go to ER/Urgent Care and explain I have PMS, I can on Ocevous treatments still the doctors question my explanation of the pain.

No one understands

I am often confused because I do not have MS to a science on what will be the next pain crash, but what I know it is this MS and how often we ALL might suffer with some of the same and then there are those things that are all brand new and no one understands what I am saying. I get the feeling that they believe I am making it up, does anyone else ever feel like that?

I am allergic to anything that has narcotic so I am not asking for medication, I just need the pain to go away. It is safe when you have 5 good days out of a month and I still laugh and smile because of my illness.

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