My Precious Sister Got Diagnosed with MS

Last updated: May 2020

I think I can relate to what she is going through because I got diagnosed with full-blown AIDS. Even though the meds have greatly restored my immune system, I, like my sister, experience severe chronic pain and sleep deprivation due to the pain.

Laughter helps the pain

When we talk we find ways to laugh. My sister has a great sense of humor and it really helps us to laugh, even when we are experiencing pain. It is really weird but it works. Sometimes though it is hard to find that sense of humor and laugh when it is a particularly bad day.

Some days are worse than others

I always wonder why and what makes some days worse and some days better. Sometimes I think it is the weather, the barometric pressure, humidity, windiness, rain, snow, heat waves, cold spells...? These are all things that have to do with "Mother Nature" and she is in charge, not us.

Hoping for relief

I think I search for explanations for the pain with the hope of finding relief. Oh what a lovely word, relief. I keep on hoping for relief from the pain and am grateful for every day I can be, to whatever degree possible, be functional. Hooray!

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