Chronic pain is all I know now

I am almost two years into my diagnosis and I cannot believe what has happened and how our lives have changed...

I suffer much pain and other losses from the disease. I am thankful though that I can still see and still walk, I know those days are coming I just hope not for a long time. I suffer terrible headaches, numb/tingling hands, painful feet, calves and back, loss of bladder control completely, terrible fatigue, emotional rollercoaster ride 24/7 and I take many pills, injection and have had numerous tests done.

I am soon to go for my Urodynamics test and I am not looking forward to that. My treatment is not working and my pills don't help much either.

I was tested positive for the JCVirus so my neuro is hesitant on starting me on Tysabri. I currently am on Rebif, but with all my aches and pains and bladder loss, its clear it does not work. I'm scared...

I also had Optic Neuritis but it did go away on its own, not to have returned thank GOD. I just feel almost all the feelings of an MS Patient and it really hurts...

I keep the faith, pray my children never fall ill and after the dark hours pass, I pick myself back up and start again.

Thank you for letting me share...

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