Claude MSing Around

I have had MS for 15 years. My neurologist said to me one day. “Don’t loose your positive attitude or your sense of humor.” It is what saves you.

My MS is now Secondary Progressive and I still have my sense of humor and a positive attitude.

When I was first diagnosed I didn’t know what MS was. I did a lot of research on the Internet and read some books. I felt you needed to have a Doctors degree in order to understand what is written on the Internet and in the books.

I found this book and I liked it because its easy reading and funny. The author, John Mythen, who has MS is not afraid to discuss some of the more sensitive aspects of dealing with MS. It destroys some of the frightening myths surrounding the illness; it provides practical ways of coping with some of the problems it brings. All of this is done with humor, and illustrated with fun cartoons of Claude, 'The Dog With MS'!

I keep on hand several copies of this book to give to friends or people I meet that don’t know what MS is. Its funny and easy reading and they can understand what are some of the problems I face. Highly recommended and Required reading for the newly diagnosed.

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