Cloudy Day

Waking up back in 2005, I noticed my right eye was cloudy. Darn I slept with my contacts again! Pulling them out and cleaning them I realized the cloud didn't go away. Going to the eye doctor left me with no answers.

I headed to my Neurologist. He gave me three options. The first a brain tumor, the second MS, the third- I never heard, I hoped for the tumor. I really wanted something that in my mind was curable- including cancer! A scar on my head was better than a something with no hope. An MRI and a week later the results were in. As my husband and my doctor spoke all I could think about was how could I continue working in dentistry? Would I regain my eyesight. Three weeks later I did, but the fatigue was always there.

After a year, I knew I couldn't continue. I left my job and went to work in an office.

In 2007 I decided I need to take a little more stock in my life. I turned to education and in 2011 completed my Bachelors degree. Me, the mother of three, working full-time completed her degree! But I wasn't done yet! Knowing the field is so competitive I decided to return for my MBA.

When people ask me how I do it, I always say that I decided that I would only have time for some many things, and I decided to only have time for Multiple Sclerosis when its time to take my medication.

Graduating this May, I might have Multiple Sclerosis, but I have multiple things to keep me going!

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