I had no clue!

My name is Danny, I was diagnosed in Jan. of 2012. I first had the sensation of a sunburn around my stomach. I was like I haven't been in the sun for a burn. Went to a local doc and he didn't have any idea on what it was. Well I had been driving a truck for a couple months and started having burning sensations in my legs. If I drove for a few hours my legs would feel like they were on fire it seemed.

About a week later, I had a loss of control of my kidneys. The next day or so I walked out the back door to my steps and next thing I know I was laying on the ground at the bottom of them. Well the urologist found a tumor on my kidney. He said that it wasn't a big issue because of where it was, but I needed to see a neurologist to figure out what was going on. He said every time I was there I was real unstable. So, a visit to the neurologist and after her tests she ordered MRI's that day. She called a couple hours later and said she didn't know how I walked in her office that day.

So, after about 6 months and seeing a doctor at the MS clinic at Vanderbilt I got diagnosed January 2012. During the 6 months I went from being what I thought was pretty healthy to having to use a walker to get around. Looking back, and according to my neuro, some of my lesions were pretty old, I think I have had it quite some time. I have cognitive issues as well as fatigue a lot. One day I can run around the house and feel really good and the next day it is all I can do to get off the couch. Heat is a killer, I know it sounds crazy but in the house I can tell one degree difference on the thermostat. It is really hard to get my wife to understand the heat sensitivity and unpredictability. I think she don't fully understand MS. I am going to school to re-educate myself so hopefully I can work from home before long. It is tough but I will get there.

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