Group Leader for Lynchbrug VA MS Chapter

Hello everyone, my name is Diana and I was trained with the National MS Society. I was the group leader for 5 years but had to step down due to some family issues.

Raising 3 grandchildren and adopting a baby

Short version I’m raising my 3 grandchildren and going to adopt 1 baby that was born drug-exposed (I’ve had hims since birth) he’s almost 2. Came from an affair from my son’s wife had and she abandon the baby in the NICU, and left with him🤬. Yeah a REAL Jerry Springer story! But hims is doing GREAT has little hiccups we have overcome and will overcome a true blessing 🥰♥️❤️.

Here for anyone that needs someone to talk to

So what I’m trying to say is I’m a open book, a good listener, and here for anyone that needs to just talk, vent, or just needs someone to talk to. I pass no judgment, and our conversations stay between us, MS code of conduct. But I do have little ones so it may be a moment before I can get back to you lol 🤣😂 stay strong and blessed my MS warriors and remember we’re ALL in the same fight just different stages♥️

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