Conflicted & Confused

I was helping to take care of my gramma, whom was diagnosed with lung cancer (which eventually turned into bone cancer because of VERY late diagnoses).  I woke up one morning not able to control my mobility on the left side of my body, at the age of 24 while taking care ofmy grandmother. I went to the hospital, thinking I had a stroke

They put me on Prednisone and told me to head back to Maine and see a Neurologist ASAP. I had always dealt with numbness, fatigue, vision, sometimes speech and various other symptoms since I was 19-My PCP told me at 19 that it was just a pinched nerve in my C-spine.

I saw a neurologist promptly back in Maine. I had an MRI and within 3 days was asked to come into the office. I was diagnosed with RRMS at the age of 24. I was told that I should have been diagnosed when I was 20 but my doctor misdiagnosed my symptoms.
I find that even just taking care of my body I.E, what I eat and drink (basically, watching what I put in my body) helps drastically.


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