What I Have Learned About Me Specifically Regarding Me

Since being diagnosed with MS, I have devoted a large part of my life learning specifically about... ME and how my mind, body, and spirit function in regards to my individuality. I learned how to read my own MRIs, what to look for, read and decipher my own blood tests, learn muscle and synaptic reflexes and how they specifically pertain to my body.

How I've learned to really deal and live with MS

Learning about yourself in all aspects I feel is how you can really deal with how to live with MS and just plain survive the social and psychological ideologies that accompany having this disease. I am currently on ZERO medication because none of it works for me without some very serious side effects, but I am better than ever now, clear-minded, get around just fine with a cane, electric cart for shopping and trips to places I want to go. I want to get another Service dog because that enabled me even more freedom. I had to focus completely on me to understand how this disease works and why.

In self-quarantine for a month now

Now, with the onset of COVID-19, I am or have been in self-quarantine for a month now. Not really a problem because I have always been a loner of sorts so I am doing better now. No signs of any type of illness except the MS itself and doing what I have always done. I do arts and crafts, play with my cats, just live each day to day in spiritual harmony with my animals friends and doing what I truly enjoy most. I love to write, both poetry and short stories, I read occasionally when my vision is stable enough for me to do that and I cook and learn new recipes, including how to make my own roasted corn flavored popcorn.

Listening to the two persons whom I trust most

My mind is my best defense against MS and it will NOT take it away from me anytime soon. I listen to the two persons whom I trust the most, myself and God. Everyone else to me is just a second guess to living my life on my terms.

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