God and My Husband Are Giants

I’m Nita and I was diagnosed in April 1980. Knew absolutely nothing at all about it. I was tested the old-fashioned way. A long needle inserted through my groin with dye up into my brain. Unheard of! I was so scared! This one doctor called it prior to any test done on me. He said standing outside my cubicle, “MS” as I was lying there on the cot behind the curtain. It appears I have the oldest diagnosis date.

Faith in God and my husband

My faith in God and my husband were gigantic in keeping me grounded. I did not stop walking until September 2009. I was aware that stress is not a lead in to MS, but not that stress after you’re living with it causes exacerbations that you might not recover. I have used a walker since that time.

Added stress

I accepted a promotion and upped my quest to play tennis. I went all in to learning to play well. I do believe it was the stress of the promotion and the tennis that shut me down. I was never injected with prednisone and the prednisone tablets until 2008. I was very athletic until then. Taking that promotion and seriously playing tennis did it to me.

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