Cortisone Was Supposed to Help Me But...

Last weekend I was hospitalized to take Cortisone through IV because my MS symptoms flared up. Usually, MS patients take cortisone to shorten the attack so they can get back on track sooner. After the dose, I start walking better and my balance returns to normal for ten days to fourteen days. I returned home happy that I'll regain my body's control panel even if it's for a short period but one day later I got the flu!! and if you don't know flu is the number one enemy for some MS patients because it worsens their symptoms, therefore, I was back to square one.

A lesson to not rush and predict

This taught me to take it easy and not to rush and predict, whether with healing or anything else in my life. God Almighty could've granted me the healing process I wanted and even extend it from two weeks to two months or more. God has the power to give you the job you have been waiting for and the child you dreamt of having and make all your dreams come true but it's simply not the right time.

Be patient

When God delays things it's because our souls have drifted away and he wants to pull us back to him and reminds us that he's the Creator and to him, we return. Our hearts are meant to be attached and dependent on him♥🌿 If what you pray for is delayed know that God wants you to meet him free of sins so don't wait and anticipate don't read the book cover from behind before the content. Pray with a believing heart, be patient and everything will be where it's supposed to be at the right time and place.

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