Cough and MS

Have you ever heard of cough as a symptom of MS? No? Neither have the doctors.

Paroxysmal cough

I am so frustrated as I lie in bed on a beautiful Palm Sunday instead of going out to breakfast and to church. I have a paroxysmal cough.

If you don't know what that is, think about MS symptoms that come on suddenly and go away just as quickly, like a spasm. Well, I have a spasm in my throat that makes me cough.

MS primarily affects my head and face

The thing is, I don't know if it is MS-related. But it just makes sense that it is. My MS affects my head and face more than the rest of my body. My first symptom was numbness on the right side of my face and loss of taste on half my tongue. That was in 2003. Since then, I have had trigeminal neuralgia, a swallowing defect, loss of sense of smell, and a facial twitch treated with Botox and tinnitus.

The cough is gradually getting worse

Now I have this cough. It comes on suddenly, at least 10 times yesterday and 5 today and it is not even noon. Last week, I rested for a day and took cough medicine. The next day it seemed better. But as soon as I tried to resume my normal routine, it was back. This has been going on an off since January, gradually getting worse.

Keeping up my faith though this symptom keeps me home

I wish I had a hopeful ending to this post. At least I do have a plan and try to keep up my faith even as this symptom keeps me at home. I will see an ENT doctor this week and call my neurologist. I will be thankful that I have a nice home and health insurance. I am thankful that in between coughing fits, I feel relatively well. Last night I made a new recipe for dinner. Faith and gratitude keep me going even as I cry in frustration.

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