Last updated: August 2021

my grandsons and i were out playing in the dunes with our toys and like any grandma wants to keep up as much as possible and i did a jump that was a quick left turn and my turn wasn't accomplished like it was to be and i tipped over was so funny when my grandsons came back after seeing me tipped over ..they panicked ..wanted to know if i was okay and all i could do was laugh on and on and said i am okay...they tried to undo the seat belt and couldn't they were panicking ...i just kept saying i was fine and they would have to tip me back up to be able to undo the belt husband finally caught up with us and he agreed they had to tip me and the toy up on all four ...i kept laughing oldest grandson called my daughter and he told her that i had crashed and he said guess what she did when they found her she said laughing ...he just couldn't believe it anyway yes laughter does help the situation ...all is good and me and my toy are okay ...grandson thought he caused it and i reminded him again i shouldn't have been trying to keep up with them and i didn't get hurt and it wasn't his fault ..we had a great weekend and kept on playing...all was can't let MS stop the fun...

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